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My Story

I have been battling with Depression for a long time now. Last year I fell to my lowest point in many many years. This was brought on by an accumulation of things that happened in my personal life, mostly due to ongoing stress and anxiety within my family unit. After listening to Jen (my wife) I tried to reach out for help and found a few barriers which only lowered my confidence even more. Finally I found myself in hospital and after an assessment I was quickly transferred to Chisholm Ross Centre in Goulburn, where I spent 5 days under close watch of nursing staff and Phsycologists.
It is not a particularly proud moment of my history but it has prompted me to do a few things:
1. To help others
2. To stay in control of my anxiety and depression
3. To seek and maintain help
4. To talk
5. Never go through this again
6. To help raise awareness and money for Beyond Blue

There are far too many people quietly suffering with depression, it never goes away. It first visited me when I was just 18. I tried to keep it hidden and under control for 30+ years. It never went away and when it got hold of me again it changed my life. Luckily I am still alive to share my story and to keep loving my family. There are others less fortunate and they have chosen to take their lives.
With Your help we can raise much needed funds to assist Beyond Blue to help stop another life from ending in tragic and uncomprehensable circumstances.

Thank You

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